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Thank you for visiting our website. We invite you to browse, and submit a question or comment if you wish. We are dedicated to providing information and services in a professional, caring and personalized manner, and strive to make our families and visitors feel comfortable while paying respects to their loved ones.


As you are certainly aware, the outbreak has affected funeral and memorial services. Our job is to not only provide services to families when a death occurs, but also to protect the public health; that includes families who call us to help, the people we interact with during the course of our work including healthcare providers, our own staff and the larger community. We continue to get updates from the government and funeral directors' associations with recommendations. We must by law comply with government guidelines.

We are reviewing every family situation and will make recommendations based not only on current government guidelines, but also our experience and the experiences of our colleagues across the country who are just ahead of us in this crisis timeline.

In addition all planning will be done by phone, email and electonic apps.  We will no longer meet in person at the funeral home or the family home for arrangement or pre-arrangement conferences.  Non-technical people- no worries.  Like many we are learning new apps but are just as comfortable delivering information packets and documents to leave in a safe place outside your door.  By phone we'll review each document to be sure we understand your questions and concerns, and that you fully understand the content.  With your ok, we'll arrange to pick up the necessary paperwork.

To clear up some confusing information from different sources regarding embalming. There are no restrictions on funeral homes regarding embalming and preparing a loved one.  The funeral home staff is trained to use universal precautions and comply with OSHA regulations at all times.  We are up to date on CDC and World Health Organization guidelines.  In the USA, the process of embalming is often more thorough than in other parts of the world, and by it's very nature embalming preserves and disinfects the body, eliminating the virus.  We will continue to offer and may recommend embalming under certain circumstances.  This would include situations when a casket burial is requested but for any reason the burial is delayed beyond 48 hours, and when families request remote (video) viewing of their loved one which requires additional preparation and as a result more exposure to funeral home staff.  Again, we will review circumstances on a case by case basis.

Also cremation is not mandatory for people who've died due to COVID-19.  Casket burials are definitely an option.

Funeral homes have been advised NOT to delay final disposition, whether that's cremation or burial, once the necessary documentation is complete.  We cannot predict when we will be allowed to gather, and as we've seen in recent weeks the timeline for isolating measures has been extended beyond what experts originally thought would be a safe amount of time.

We are committed to providing for families in these extraordinary times with the same level of professional and ethical service as always, and for now that means we will review options based on the individual circumstances.

Also as of April 15, 2020 the National Cemeteries including the Massachusetts National Cemetery in Bourne will only allow burials to be witnessed by 10 people and fewer from inside their cars or standing on the roadway at their cars.  Anyone who is quarantined and/or experiencing symptoms cannot attend a witnessed burial.

The Massachusetts Veterans Cemeteries in Agawam and Winchendon are doing direct burials with no witnessing option.

At all the Veterans Cemeteries, visitors may visit the grave at a later date.

We will continue do our best for all concerned,

Sincerely, Henry and Kathy Boyle




Online Tributes

If you cannot visit us in person, or if you wish to post a thoughtful message for other online visitors to read, please visit the Online Condolences: in this way you can still be with the family in thought by signing the online guestbook, expressing your condolences or sharing memories about the deceased or be reminded of the anniversary of a death.

A Word about Flowers: In Massachusetts, funeral homes cannot sell flowers so we do not offer that service through our web site.  To ensure quality work, prompt service and timely deliver we encourage you to order flowers directly through a local florist rather though national company websites.  You may call the funeral home at 508-875-3106 and we can provide the name and number of the florist the family has chosen.

Updates:  The American Heart Association change of address for memorial giftsis PO Box 417005, Boston, MA  02241-7005

Also the Alzheimer's Association, MA & NH Chapter has moved. The new address is 309 Waverly Oaks Road, Waltham, MA 02452.


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